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Updated pic of the painted and epoxied countertops

I promised updated pictures on the kitchen countertops. Here they are over a year later! I think almost two years, actually. They have held up amazingly well! 2014-07-18 15.33.25 2014-07-18 15.33.00 2014-07-18 15.32.14


Another Chalk Paint Project


2013-07-27 13.59.38This is another piece of furniture that I received for FREE! from my favorite Aunt who has now passed away. This had been sitting out on her covered back porch for the better part of three years, and was NOT looking so hot. It was a great, solid piece of furniture, she just didn’t want it anymore and didn’t know what to do with it, so had stuck it outside where it collected dirt and pollen, and all kinds of yucky stuff on it. I brought it home, washed it thoroughly a few times with TSP cleaner, then washed it down with a clean rag. I primed it with two coats of primer for wood. I mixed up my own chalk paint this time, from a recipe that I found online. I believe that I might have posted either the link or the actual recipe (which was super easy) on my Pinterest post about this cabinet, which you can get to by clicking on the picture in this post.

When you mix up your own chalk paint, you just need to be sure that you DO NOT use paint with primer already in it, or you will end up with a big glob of paint that is too thick to use. Trust me. Use the cheaper stuff; making it into chalk paint makes it have better coverage anyways. I love, love, love the texture of chalk paint. After numerous coats, three, I do believe, I waxed it with some Annie Sloan clear wax that I had leftover from my dining room table project. A little of that stuff goes a  LONG way. You need to be sure to use wax after you paint with chalk paint, it protects it, and also gives it a beautiful sheen and depth to it. I love turquoise with gold accents, there is something that is just so beautiful about that combo to me, so I added some cheapo gold knobs that I had around, I will probably replace them when I find just the right ones. I did replace the knobs on the doors with some simple gold and crystal knobs.

Now we have a beautiful and functional cabinet in our living room for all of our board and card games. This thing is full to bursting with them and I just love it!